The World

Genevieve Barbee-Turner

the world

Here we are at last, the final card in the Major Arcana and the last stop in The Fool's journey. Our woman of The World alludes to the ancient roman god Janus. While the two faced deity is normally depicted with two heads, one looking to the past and the other towards the future, our goddess looks only west—into the unknown. 

The path of the Fool is one that is well traveled. Our world and our lives are built from cycles that start, end, and repeat again ad infinitum. Friend of The World card, Saturn, is a symbol of order and death—always playing by the natural rules of inevitability set into motion millennia ago. With all this in mind, it is still possible and in fact imperative that our world evolves. The first spin this planet took revealed something very different from the 4 millionth. As new people come to the table, the establishment changes and is in fact meant to be ever changing. 

I created Bridge Witches to tell a story about Pittsburgh using the people I had met here over the past fifteen years. My hope is that people will see that while a place is built with brick and mortar its character comes from all its people. 

This isn't a rosy depiction of a perfect world, but a slice of story about who was here at around this time in history and what they hoped for the future. Given my druthers, the future will be ruled by those who are ready to take the reigns for the first time. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey. There's still all the minor arcana left to delve through but this feels like an ending and it's important to say thanks for those who've joined so far.

Positive aspects of this card: A well integrated and balanced conclusion
Negative: A desire for closure that has left you wanting, imbalance
Key features: The Fort Pitt Bridge as it enters the city is a familiar site that feels new every single time. 

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