The Tower

Genevieve Barbee-Turner


The Allegheny Cemetery interrupts the layout of the East End. Its walls and castle like gates separate Morningside, Bloomfield, and Lawrenceville, rolling down the hill and spilling towards to the river. A neighbor of mine remembers rain run off from the cemetery flooding her Butler Street childhood home—the sewage of death at her front door.

That's kind of the The Tower in a nutshell. Catastrophe! Calamity! It is unavoidable and immanent so how will you handle it? Getting this card in a reading doesn't mean that your whole life is going to change, it might just mean that you aren't paying attention or are afraid of the change that comes to us all.

There is a lake inside this cemetery that looks so peaceful. Each time I walk by it I wonder what's lying in wait underneath.

Positive aspects of this card: There really aren't any... shit is about to get so real.
Negative aspects: You aren't prepared for it. Gird your loins.
Key elements: Mars looms over the Penn Avenue tower entrance to the cemetery. The skull is there to stare you down and be upsetting. It's sunk into the peaceful little pond at the center of this historic landmark.

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