The Sun

Genevieve Barbee-Turner

the sun

The Sun reveals everything it gazes upon and calls attention to itself with its existence. It can be difficult to feel noticed without this gaze even if it is at (many) times glaring and oppressive. Everything seems to center around the sun for better or worse...

Our closest star can also represent our  ego and inner enlightenment. That rose window is St. Stanislaw's in the Strip which has captured my attention since moving to Pittsburgh in 2003. This westward facing window captures late light holding the sun just a bit longer before it slips past the hills. This imagery is something that I've carried with me as I've travelled across the world. It's one of the reasons that I miss Pittsburgh when I'm away.

Positive aspects of this card: Fame and recognition, physical or emotional vitality
Negative aspects: Lack of humility, oppressive attitude  
Key elements: The 16th Street Bridge is an iconic one for the city as is the gothic revival architecture found in our beautiful churches and cathedrals. It's what makes Pittsburgh feel like a European burg. That and our oppressive heteronormative white blue color identity. 

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