The Magician

Genevieve Barbee-Turner

The Game Player, The Stage Magician

While the Fool comes first—the inhale before the exhale of creativity energy—it’s The Magician that sets the tone for the deck. The four elements / suits are on display: Earth-Pentacles-Cicadas, Air-Swords-Fences, Fire-Wands-Trees, Water-Cups-(we kept it Cups). He is a creator. As an artist, he can conjure what he cannot see and bring it to life in our world.

His positioning is the standard right hand raised up towards the heavens with the left towards the earth: “As above, so below”. The right side is associated with pureness and spirituality, the left with the material and—reflected by the latin word for left—the sinister. I encourage you to reject this black and white thinking. Instead, it is a constant cycle. Without one the other cannot exist. The Ouroboros belt around his waist is a symbol of infinity.

He is standing in what appears to be an empty field near Penn Avenue in Garfield. Known as an arts district and center for creative entrepreneurship, Garfield is also home to multi-generations households that have weathered decades of change.

Through wisdom and experience our magician a talented maker with a solid hustle—the artist with a business degree. He is associated with Mercury a symbol for communication and sending messages.

Disclaimer: Bridge Witches is based on a belief that regardless of its orientation, there is a positive and negative message that each card carries and must be heeded in a reading. We can’t ignore the things we simply don’t want to hear and must see how both sides influence a situation. That being said, I'm not here to tell you how to read your tarot so use this information as you see fit.  

Positive aspects of this card 

Creative power and prowess. A time of manifestation of ones will. talent, drive, totality. Basically the universe is presenting you with the opportunity to a total bad-ass boss of yourself and your surroundings.

Negative aspects

Trickery, deceit, cunning, manipulation. Using that bad-ass bossness to no good end. The used-car salesman of the deck, greedy. It could also mean that there is an imbalance of that stasis of heaven and earth. Having loose objectives.

Key features

This magician is an emotional mash up between a few different people I've met around town in the past 14 years. They've been around and done it all and are a force for good but it's not a good idea to cross them. Pittsburgh is a city of relationships—family, friends, colleagues, lovers, or just acquaintances—everyone knows everyone or has a list of mutuals a mile long. It's how great things come together but the Magician is the tie that binds and makes it look effortless.

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