The Lovers

Genevieve Barbee-Turner

The Art of Communication

Before we reclaimed our riverfronts, the shores of Pittsburgh were clogged with factories that robbed us of breathable air. Today, those spaces have been abandoned and where there isn’t riverfront development there are wild spots for people to steal themselves for a few moments.

Young lovers need these spaces to sit for hours and learn more about each other. Communication is the key to The Lover card. Bridges not only connect opposite shores they create space for dialogue. The more we sit with our lover and tell them how pretty they are or giggle over inside jokes the closer we become and the stronger the relationship.

Anne Carson, author of “Eros: The Bittersweet” explores oral tradition and the context of living in ancient Greece before the invention of writing. The Greeks used to believe that the whole body was in a state of active breathing and exhaling of the substance that they called aporrhoai, small particles that allow everything to be in touch with everything else. Space was ignored, interactions constant, and there was a sense of things being without edge or limit. This is the blush of new love.

Traditionally this card features a couple standing on either side of an angel floating above them. Instead of using a celestial being to illustrate spiritual connection or communication (because no thank you angel), we used the classic 16th Street Bridge (aka the David McCullough Bridge) that spans the Allegheny River between the North Shore and the Strip District because it’s beautiful and one of the more unique bridges in the city (we’re looking at you Sister Bridges…).

Positive aspects of this card: Connection, communication, a deep sense of belonging with someone else, conversation, dialogue
Negative aspects: Lack of communication, breakdown, miss connection
Key features: Two people connected by something larger than them, a sister bridge


Thanks to Erin N. for her research + words in this write up.

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