The Emperor

Genevieve Barbee-Turner

Obsessed with power and a leader of the rhythm—the Emperor presides over an undulating crowd at Mister Small in Millvale. She keeps a tempo that offers her fans structure and wins their allegiance. She is the opposite to the Empress, a fan of order instead of a creative free-for-all. While the empress whips ink and paint around in a frenzy the Emperor is a conductor. 

So why is my emperor a woman? Well, honestly, it's because when reading up about the card I thought about a woman. Specifically I thought about a few different women who are the lead singers in their bands, (Action Camp, The Telephone Line). For the uninitiated, Pittsburgh's music scene features a few different large venues scattered across the city with bars and clubs featuring regular entertainment thrown in. Personally, I'm not a big music show attendee but I have friends who are and tagging along I notice devoted fans glue their eyes to the stage waiting with anticipation to sing along to their favorite songs. The lead singer becomes a king holding court.

Musicians are the group of creatives that I relate to the least. They are in fact my creative opposites. Their work is structured and mathematical in a way that I cannot relate to but very much appreciate. 

Traditionally the tarot uses men to depict masculine energy and the power and devotion it provides. Women stand in for all things maternal and precious. That's fine I guess (no, not really) and it's certainly not true to life. Everyone we know possesses varying levels of power and preciousness. So why not draw who I want to draw?

Positive Aspects: Something(one) taking action / moving center stage that moves to the beat of its own drum, innovation 
Negative Aspects: Abuse of power, giving too much power to something(one) else, hero-worship, neglecting the structure required to achieve goals, putting someone on a pedestal

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