Genevieve Barbee-Turner


The backyard barbecue is a sacred holiday space for Pittsburghers to gather their friends, family, and accepted coworkers for watching sports and/or fire works, (and to likely set off their own). While there are other factors into tallying the cost of real estate, your porch’s view of Fourth of July and Pirate’s fireworks is a passive aggressive statement of your house’s true worth. 

Temperance sits peacefully at their neighbor’s gathering taking it all in and holding a friend’s drink while enjoying their own. My definition of Temperance in this deck is not a lack of something but instead a balance of things. They are comfortable with themselves and know exactly who they are. They are able to be themselves with their peers and they defend nothing to no one.

Temperance faces a peaceful sunset and their tranquility flows beyond them into the cozy house past the fence and across the quiet hills where other gatherings glow. This card is naive and idyllic in today’s world. It’s a promise that there are spaces for us to find balance but it starts with an inner peace before transforming the space around us. 

Positive aspects of this card: Purpose, meaning, balance
Negative aspects: Lack of foresight, Imbalance, excessiveness
Key features: Natural beauty and manmade concepts commingling peacefully. The view is from the backyard in the South Hill Slopes towards downtown on the Fourth of July. 

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