Genevieve Barbee-Turner

So this card diverges heavily from the traditional Judgement card. The whole “naked men and women being judged before an archangel” just felt a little… one sided in its use of a specific religion to talk about this topic. 

Instead, I decided to get a little cheeky. This Judgement card features the zombified head of a teenager who even in undeath must roll her eyes at you as if you are the biggest idiot in the room. You will never “get it”.

Her head sits upon the Squirrel Hill Tunnels which are known to feel so constrictive by many drivers that they slow down upon entering and traffic backs up at all times of the day. As your car is swallowed into their darkness, you begin to question every driver on all sides and “can’t see the hold up”.

To say driving in Pittsburgh is a pain in the ass is an understatement. No one wins here and everybody knows better than everybody else. 

After getting through the tunnels however, (as long as you haven’t caused any major damage) you feel amazing that you are free. 

The harshest critics are usually the harshest on themselves. They lack perspective to their own problems and can’t seem to accept things as they are and adapt. Acceptance of our frustrations is learned (or it’s not…). There is a freedom that comes from this acceptance however. If we can let go of our inner zombie teenager and take the time to stop rolling the jaded eyes of our soul then judgement becomes self reflection and growth.

Positive aspects of this card: When you start to believe that acceptance is the answer to every problem and inner disturbance then you’re on the other side of judgement.
Negative aspects: Lack of self examination or perspective, jaded, blaming others, you probably suffer from terrible road rage.
Key features: To be fair, the Squirrel Hill Tunnels are the worst and I avoid them at all costs so who am I to tell you what to do? The zombie teenager head came to me in a vision of my inner critic being a girl I went to high school with who was intolerably rude to other teens and adults alike.

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